Saturday, September 17, 2005

Message to dolphins

Would the four dolphins who are responsible for pulling the barge please move at once to White Owl Island where the Secretary and others are waiting to go to Duwamish Bay?

If any of those folk who are lounging around in the Bath House care to hook a ride with one of the Dolphin Four just let them know that I sent you. Yours, The Donkeys' Secretary

PS The Boss Donkey wants to know why we are not going back to the Bath House as the hay is better there and he is getting fed up with giving rides to owl babies all of whom claim to be related to the Grand Mufti in the High Tower.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Bath Song


If I were a Raven of Odin,
could see the world from above;
and hear ev'ry whisper of longing,
I'd report on the Dewy Havuz.

'Tis a flower, you see, in Loycha
where faeries fain choose to bathe --
and it is a gift that lover's crave,
for the magick its petals hold.

The leaves, when rubbed, turn to silky foam
that gently scrub your fears away,
and the stalk is just longish enough
to reach where you've never seen.

Much pollen is left by bumbly bees,
glist'ning bright as tears o' the moon,
to dust the soul with divine perfume
and protect from mold of lonely.

The blossom forms an azure basin
which oft catches tomorrow's rain,
and 'tis always enough to rinse your dreams
'til only those of love remain.

On one trembly leaf there's a dew drop
to be caught on spirit's tongue,
that can quench your doubting forever,
when reflected in your beloved's eyes.

The plant can be found but at twilight
and plucked by two reaching as one;
for the world will stop when you touch it,
and the gods skip a beat in the dance.


Monday, September 12, 2005

Cleansing Bath Ritual

Ritual Bath to Cleanse Yourself of Transformed Emotion

Fill up your tub, and add some bath salts and favorite essential oils for cleansing.
Also, fill a small pitcher with a combination of the water salt and oil. Do not get in yet
Say: "I perform this act of cleansing in water where all life began."
Step into the bath. Once seated, take the bowl or pitcher in your hands. Imagine a white, healing light surrounding and infusing the water within.
Say: “As the cleansing waters pour over me I am cleansed in body and spirit. All unwanted feelings of shame, anger, guilt, and fear are now washed away."
Pour the water over your head, imagining that as you pour you see a brown, mucky substance washed away from you. As this muck hits the water see it transformed into clear blue water.
When you feel the time is right, allow the water to go down the drain.
Say: "As the water disappears, never to be seen again, so too have my unwanted feelings. As the dirt was transformed to clear water so have my feelings been transformed. Blessings to the old ones for this work performed. "
Step out of the tub.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Dolphins with boat

Dolphins with boat
Originally uploaded by FranSb.
Our kindly dolphins offered to pull the boat
with our Gillian safely into the evening light
as we waved goodbye and left the lovely hermitage and the bath house on the journey to Baba's Place.

Insomniac at the Bath House

What does it mean when you are wide a wake at 2:30 am and it’s been almost 24 hours since may last cup of coffee?

Jet lag

Stripe down to nothing
enter the steam room
find a refreshing pool
gaze into the lake
watch and listen to the birds
my silver ring turn black from the sulfer, oops
have a cup of mint tea
coconut oil and water therapy massage


And while I am at it
Sign up for a pedicure and a facial

Slide into cool sheets to sleep

Hot Springs Healing

I was called to the high desert, where the lack of trees and brush allows one to see the naked earth in a mottled pallet of varied hues never recorded on a limiting canvas. I knew when to stop for a leaking radiator hose began to sing -- I needed to stretch anyway. I spied a shimmer of green about a mile away and decided the risk of being fooled by a miraged longing was worth the chance to replenish my emergency water supply. The oasis was a spot obviously known to others. A rutted trail wound up a hidden arroyo, cut by motorcycle and horse, if my primitive detective work had any value. The pool was one I had been taught was called ‘morning glory’, as it often resembled the fluted flower. The Indians had another name, I am sure, since no such flower existed in this arid spot. The warm water from the natural hot spring caused multi-colored streaks to grow on the curved walls that descended to untold depths. There were no waves on the surface scarcely thirty feet across, yet the edges moved in a pulsing rhythm – driven by the heart of a dragon deep beneath the basalt lip. A tiny stream meandered down the ravine to be slurped up by the hungry sand. Life and death within just a few strides. A few scraggly bushes, scarcely green, managed to extract some measure of life from the mineral water. There were no telling animal tracks here -– no thirst to slake at this enticing spot. Sigh. So beautiful, so austere -– so profaned. For in the depths of the clear fountain could be seen a number of beer cans and other trash. These spoke out as dramatically as any profanity, worse still because the strange water did not reflect the occasional passing cloud. So clear -– painfully clear -– why I was called. My corpulent form is not a thing of naked beauty, yet possibly … A passing bird, were there any, might have wondered at the strange fish striving down 15 feet or more to gather up the violating ‘gifts’. I now like to imagine that the pool will remain clear forever- – foolish. Anyway, a homeless baglady was happy for the cans.


Sunday, September 04, 2005

dolphin games

I thought this was a wonderful image

Orcas on the move, Fran

* Mme. Eclectica says: Karen was kind enough to share this story:

When I was kayaking in the San Juans two summers ago, we were lucky enough to have an entire pod of orcas swim not thirty feet from our kayaks. It was one of the most thrilling experiences of my life!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Orca play at sunset

Orca play at sunset
Originally uploaded by FranSb.
The orcas
sing to each other
and to me
as they dance, their dance
together against the sun

Friday, September 02, 2005

Healing Waterfall Ritual

While in the shower, visualize yourself standing under a waterfall.
Ask the spirits of water to cleanse, consecrate and empower your body,
mind and spirit in the name of healing.
As the water runs down your body, visualize the negativity swirling off you and down the drain.
When you towel dry, ask the spirits of the air to cleanse, consecrate, and empower
your body, mind and spirit in the name of healing as well.

Dolphins and Water

As I slide naked into the soothing waters of the bath house, I sigh with relief. It’s ironic that I am so comforted by the water—so many of my southern kinswomen and men are suffering because of the presence of it. I have always felt that water was my home, and indeed, as it makes up the largest part of my physical body, that I was merely one small vessel in a world made of water. My veins are rivers and tributaries of the stuff, and I would be in the same grave danger as New Orleans if my defenses were breached, my precious lifeblood allowed to flow to whatever low point it could find outside the stable boundary of my skin.

From the Water Consciousness website:
All energy requires a conductor. Water is the main conductor of life force (radiant energy) and consciousness at universal level, both in the physical and in the 'Etheric' realms.
For there is an Etheric realm, as there is a physical realm; there are different types of etheric energy, as there are different types of physical energy; and there is etheric water as there is physical water. Let us define these:

· Etheric water is God's thought-form. It is an etheric wave-form of God's radiant energy in the multi-dimensional level of existence.

We call it "The Ocean of Love" in which the multi-universe, universes, galaxies, stars and planets are not actually "floating" but rather, are a part of the whole.

· Physical water holds the Energy Matrix of Consciousness in the Physical Body. This is true for the Planet Earth and all sentient beings on it. The Life force of the Body (Water) is maintained through Breath. Every breath carries a new pulse of Light in the flow of energy through the body. Therefore, Water, Light and Breath maintain life in the Physical realm.

I ponder these deep thoughts about water. I am a constant seeker, uncertain of the truth of the universe, but if God does exist, and if she is anywhere, surely she is in the elemental forms of water, air, fire, earth.

When I see a person who is quite ill in my medical practice, I often hydrate them, and in a few short hours I behold the healing powers of water. Those three molecules--hydrogen, hydrogen, and oxygen, flow into the rivers of the body, plumping the tissues, expanding cell walls like a cellulose sponge in a basin of dishwater. It is remarkable how much better people feel and look when their basic “hydrochemistry” is brought back into balance. But I must be careful not to overburden them—dilute their electrolytes and congest their hearts. The balance must be maintained, with skill and deliberation.

Now we see the world’s hydrochemistry out of balance. We see the destructive power of water, the power that dilutes hope and congests human spirit, and it seems there is no caring presence nearby monitoring the balance, adjusting the flow just so to maintain the health of the organism. What is the plan, where is the god of the elements?

The website I referenced speaks of “the consciousness of water,” and the response of water molecules to speech, thought, emotion, and prayer. I want to believe that this water in its rush to freedom meant no harm. In seeking the beloved, it forgot its power. Each molecule vibrates with hope as it travels toward merger with the open sea, back to elemental wildness. We cannot help but be injured as our captive rushes toward freedom, away from its position as ornament, workhorse, power source.

A dolphin nudges me, gently, then rubs softly against my side and makes a deep clicking noise. I rest my face against her smooth rubbery skin and sigh. My salty tears fall into the collective.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Into the sunset

Into the sunset
Originally uploaded by FranSb.
My dolphins take me into sunset

Dolphin farewell

Tonight in weariness
I sail with the dolphins
through calm waters
to the sunset shore
carry me swiftly
with tenderness
friends of the ocean waves
let me ride with you once more