Sunday, July 16, 2006

My Strange Female Human

I am sure that my younger female human has told you about me, I am Pyewackett. Yes, I am a talking cat, thank you!! I have three humans, Tom and Queen littermates, and their Queen Mother. My littersister, Skye, who also speaks, shares my humans with me.

We have intelligent humans here, and they are very good humans. We always have food, and they share their food with us gladly. They go hunting as a pride and bring excellent kills to the nest, and small things for us to play with,

When we play with the gifts they bring to us, they choke a lot and I soon discovered that that is how they communicate pleasure to each other. Skye and I can smell their huntingscent fade as they choke.

It does worry me that they don't like their own scent, Everyone knows to cover their scent up with oher scents to confuse the prey. When they are not hunting, humahs still cover their own lovely scent up. how can they tell how one another is feeling if they can't smell the tales?

They all manage passable catspeak, yet struggle with the true language of our kind. The Littersister human is better than the other, and she knows more how to grow close to the cats she belongs to.

When we were barely weaned, we were gifted with this nest, territory and humans. From the first day the humans showered us with love, attention, and good food. Littersister went so far as to cuddle us as our Queen Mother had done, and sent calm and loving waves through us.

The first darktime we were away from our mother she was there, purring, and cuddling us close to her heart. She would hold us up to her chest with her forepaws and let us watch her small seeingthingsbox. Tiny bugs were hiding behind a clear stoprightthere place, she would choke and snuggle us closer if we tried to catch the bugs.

Here I am, bragging on and on about my humans!! That is not what I came to tell you about. This is what I came to tell you about:

Last dark-time, after my humans had fed us and had eaten their food; the littersister of the Tom human began making those strange sounds from where her tail should be. At first they were not too bad, but then they grew louder and more frightening.

When the other humans were sleeping in our beds that Queen was still awake, clicking her claws on the 'cmmmmmmmmmmmmphewttttttrrrrrrrrrr" and choking at the little seeingthingsbox. I was in higher cat-sleep and I felt her go in to the humans' litterbox.I thought nothing of it, who knows when they'll need the litterbox?

Then it happened!! It was utterly terrifying!! What may very well have been the worst of those sounds ever ratcheted me into dangermode awakeness!! Before the echoes had gane away I found shelter under the humans Queen Mother's bed.

She called for the male human, since he was sleeping on our bed, Littersister answered in their odd snapping cries. Then she began to choke as badly as she can (Skye told me later) while still in the human's litterbox.

When Littersister was able to, she went to her Queen Mother's space, The places where their scent is strongest can't be seperate territories, for they go into all the spaces freely and never really fight over them.

Littersister snapped and choked at her Queen Mother, who began to snap and choke back. They choked for a long time, perhaps a full paw's worth. I was shocked that they could choke that hard, and not bring up a hairball!

Needless to say, I was offended that they would show so little regard for my feline dignity. I sulked until Littersister awoke this lighttime, snuggled me clos, then sent apologies to me through her soul. Yes, humans do so have souls!!

I realise that it is a common belief amongst we felines that humans have no souls, I cannnot agree with that, I have seen my humans' souls shine through as brightly as a cats would!! yes, I know you think I am exaggerating, but that is Bast's own Truth!!

Fortunately, the humans didn't have the food that makes those sounds in them this lighttime. So, this darktime we will all sleep better, knowing that noise won't happen until they eat thse noisymushynasty things again.